These things are always awkward…. HaHaaaaa… But here we go!

I started dabbling in music and creating beats back in early 2000. Starting out with a pretty high-end desktop, at least at that time, the computer had a basic wav editing program, a virtual keyboard and a sound-font generator, pre loaded. I had no idea the computer came with those tools or even what they were at first, none-the-less even a clue on how to use them. Go figure, but that alone is what set me on this path I’m on now. In a sense, it was by chance and yet meant to be (admittedly in the beginning I wasn’t too serious about music creation) but, my passion for creating only grew stronger over the years and still continues to grow.

It wasn’t until mid-to-late 2016 that I felt and knew this was something I truly had in my heart and then began to take dabbling in music more seriously. It went from dabbling to truly dedicated and investing and turning that passion into a craft and giving it my all. Having spent countless hours experimenting, learning, growing, progressing and failing, just to get up and do it all over again, it’s taught me one thing, “love what you do 1st.”

Fast forward a bit… Early 2019 and I can say things really took a turn for the better, after attending an Illmind producer event (more about Illmind) known in the producer community as “Pass the Aux.” Basically, he travels the country and abroad to get together with up-and-coming creatives at a local private studio session to just vibe out with questions, networking and playing beats. Long story short… things really changed for me in the sense of gaining the confidence needed even more-so. (I did rock the room though when I dropped my beat). I was also able to make some of the most priceless connections I would have never made otherwise had I not attended that event. From local artist’s and producer’s, to Illmind himself, it started the snowball rolling for me with collaborations, truly expanding my network and leveling my music making up in general.

Another fast forward, throughout 2020 and early 2021, I earned my 1st official collaboration along with 7 more and counting with the goat himself, Illmind, live on his Twitch stream. (I provided melody loops that he vibed with… he then dropped the drums on ’em). Knowing the universe has and is taking care of me, placements will follow. Feel free to check out a few of those collab moments here

That’s just a tiny, tiny bit of my story in a nut-shell and it’s only the beginning for me! Let’s see what the future holds and LET’S GET IT!

You Are Appreciated!

Again… Thank you for taking the time to check out a little bit about myself. Like I said, my journey is just beginning and anyone who’s positive, motivated and ready to help one another take it to the next level… Feel free to reach out to me! This is way more than just selling beats… It’s a way of life. Let’s GOOOOOO!


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