Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer exclusive rights?

Yes, exclusive rights are offered and only offered for custom beats. You will obtain complete ownership (Buyout) of the track.

Why aren't exclusive rights offered on your licensed beats?

This is due to the nature of the licensing business in general. Almost 9 out of 10 cases of beats bought under an exclusive license will not guarantee that the same beat hasn’t been previously licensed. Therefore, to avoid any conflicts concerning “non-exclusive” & “exclusive” owners, I only offer exclusive purchases which entitles you to complete ownership on custom beats. But… Yes, there’s a but, if you truly feel the need to purchase a beat on my site exclusively that’s already in rotation and may have been previously licensed, feel free to make me an offer. Please contact me for further details.

What's the difference between a non-exclusive & exclusive beat?

The difference between the two is, I can sell a non-exclusive beat multiple times to different buyers, whereas an exclusive license, once purchased, stops me, the seller, from selling anymore licenses for that beat. Keep in mind, when you buy exclusive rights online, other buyers who have purchased “that” same beat before you, can still use that beat non-exclusively.

Do you use commercial samples in your beats?

No, I do not use any commercial samples from songs already under ownership. If you are interested in a custom beat that contains samples under ownership, I will create a beat as a work made for hire for a fee and you will be responsible for all clearances on all samples used within the beat.

What are trackouts and stem files?

Track-outs and stem files are the same thing under two different names. They are the individual tracks that make up an entire beat. These can include just the kicks, another with just a snare and/or a clap, a with a bass line, another with only a piano and so on etc… The actual individual instrumentation that comprises a complete beat.

What are the advantages of each license?

The Standard License is geared more for the artist in need of a track and is ready to record asap. With my standard license, you will receive 2 to 3 tracks of the same beat in a zip file. One will be a wav file and the other an mp3. If it contains more than 2 files you’ll receive 2 wav’s and an mp3. The reason for that is to ensure you have the best possible means audio wise (levels & dynamics) to yield you the best results on your final mix when recording vocals to a pre-made track. The 2 wav files will have different audio dynamics and levels depending on the characteristics of the track itself. Both tracks will most likely be mixed at -6 dB & -3 dB. The mp3 file that comes downloaded in the zip file will most likely be leveled at -2 to -1 dB for instant use. (Ex: Background Music)

The Premium License is geared more towards the artist who’s looking for more control over the beat as whole and may be working closely with an audio engineer. This zip file comes with the above mentioned, but also contains each instrument or section of instruments that comprise the entire beat. This allows for precise re-arrangement of the sequence, total control of the tonal balance, dynamics and levels. To sum it up… When you have the stem files of a beat, you can basically get “under-the-hood” of the beat and supercharge or tone it down to your exact needs. Please feel free Contact Me with any further questions.

Do I credit both you and the website? If so, in writing or vocally?

Written or verbally, either one is fine, but credit must be given either way. Please credit my producer name, “P-Status” or my website “”, in writing, or vocally and even both if you wish, and on all mediums that a track is used.  All vocal tags are removed from the entire track you receive for download.

Is there a distribution limit once I make a complete song?

With both licensing options, there is no distribution limit. If the beats you use and record on are for an “indie” project and released as such, sell as many units as you wish. In the case of a Major Label Placement you must contact me as everything becomes a 50/50 Split. I maintain original authorship of “Sound Recording” and you attain authorship of “Derivative Work.”

Are royalties due with the tracks I use?

Royalties are never due so long as the track remains “indie.” Only in the case of “Major Label Placements” Where a project is commercially released and registered with a (PRO) performance rights organization. Please contact me for details concerning renewal fees.

Is paypal the only form of payment you accept?

Yes, PayPal is the only form of payment I accept.

I purchased a beat/signed up for free beats & didn't get the download, what happened?

Unfortunately, this can happen, although rarely and I do apologize if you’re here reading this because you’re experiencing this situation. Due to the technicalities involved in digital download sites, things can go wrong. First, you want to check your spam folder in the email account of the email address you provided. Sometimes the downloads can get caught in your spam filter because your email provider doesn’t recognize me. If this isn’t the case & you purchased a beat, just contact me with your PayPal receipt & I’ll send the order manually. For free beats you did not receive download links for, just contact me and I can also resend those manually. Please note, it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hrs to get them sent out due to the high volume of emails I receive. Thanks for your patience & understanding!