Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you offer exclusive rights for the beats on the site?

Due to the nature of beat licensing/leasing in general, it can get tricky. I can’t technically make something exclusive that’s been licensed already. Custom beats are offered with exclusivity.

What's the difference between a non-exclusive & exclusive beat?

A non-exclusive beat can be licensed more than once by different people. An exclusive beat means you’re allowed to use the beat exclusively (just you) and generally the seller stops licensing it. Doesn’t take into account beats already licensed.

Do you use commercial samples in your beats?

No, I do not use any commercial samples from songs already under ownership. If you are interested in a custom beat that contains samples under ownership, I will create a beat as a work made for hire for a fee and you will be responsible for all clearances on all samples used within the beat.

What are track-outs and stem files?

Track-outs and stem files are the same thing under two different names. The individual instruments that make up a whole beat. Ex: Kicks, Snare, Claps, Bass Line, Piano, Guitar etc….
all separated in different files.

Do you offer track-outs?

Only for custom beats.

Is there a distribution limit once I make a complete song or royalties due?

With both licensing options, there is no distribution limit on the derivative work as long as it isn’t done through a major label or any large indie label and/or any release major or minor that exceeds one million streams. I maintain original authorship of “Sound Recording” and you attain authorship of “Derivative Work.” 50/50 Splits become the case concerning royalties if the above stated is or becomes the case. Click here for full details.

I purchased a beat/signed up for free beats & didn't get the download, what happened?

Unfortunately, this can happen, although rarely and I do apologize if you’re here reading this because you’re experiencing this situation. Due to the technicalities involved in digital download sites, things can go wrong. First, you want to check your spam folder in the email account of the email address you provided. Sometimes the downloads can get caught in your spam filter because your email provider doesn’t recognize me. If this isn’t the case & you purchased a beat, just contact me with your PayPal receipt & I’ll send the order manually. For free beats you did not receive download links for, just contact me and I can also resend those manually. Please note, it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hrs to get them sent out due to the high volume of emails I receive. Thanks for your patience & understanding!