Music Services

Basic Audio Mix Includes:

  • Balancing of Volume Levels & Pan Controls for a Nice Blend & Positioning of all of the Audio Elements within your track.
  • Light to Moderate EQ for Punch, Clarity or Brightness (Graphic or Parametric) Depending on Track needs or your Personal Tastes.
  • Light to Moderate Compression (FET) for Polishing your Track by Controlling Maximum Levels and Maintaining Higher Average Loudness giving the Track Room to Breath.
  • Light to Moderate FX Processing (Reverb, Delay or Chorus) for giving your Track Depth to Distinguish Space & give it a more “3D Feel” vs. a “2D Feel.”

Basic Mix Pricing: $50.00
Please Note: (If sending stem files, there is a maximum limit of 15 tracks – $5.00 per stem over 15 tracks)

Enhanced Audio Mix Includes:

Image of an engineer on a mixing console for beats for

  • Track Clean-up (DeEssing, Plosive & Hiss Reduction or Elimination).
  • Corrective EQ for Detailed Tonal Balancing of Muddy Lows or Mids & Highs that are Clashing.
  • PLUS: All Options Offered in the Basic Mix (Audio Balancing/Positioning, Light to Moderate EQ, Compression, & FX of your choice (Reverb, Delay & Chorus)

Enhanced Mix Pricing: $75.00
Please Note: (If sending stem files, there is a maximum limit of 25 tracks – $5.00 per stem over 25 tracks)

Custom Beat Details:

  • Created to your Style & Genre, all Custom Tracks are Built from the Ground-Up, from Drum & Synthesizer Programming to VST Instrumentation which can Include Samples or you & I can go Completely Sample Based if Desired.
  • Please contact me for pricing concerning custom beats

Custom Beat Pricing: Please contact me as custom request prices vary greatly, depending on specific needs.

IMPORTANT NOTE CONCERNING CUSTOM COMMERCIAL SAMPLE BEATS: If you are interested in a custom beat that contains samples under ownership, I will create a beat as a work made for hire and you will be responsible for all clearances on all samples used within the beat.

Details for Submitting Files for Mixing

In order to ensure the best possible mix, please follow the instructions below:

  • Submit a stereo track mix-down or stem files in (44.1 kHz – 24bit .wav file) format
  • Please upload files to a Dropbox or Google Drive account zipped (individually works too) and send the links in the contact form email. If you do not use cloud based file storage services, feel free to email the files to: Include your name & track title in the email you send
  • Please make sure the track or stem files do not have any EQ’ing, compression, normalization, limiting or FX on the master bus
  • Please ensure the track or stem files are at least -6dB & definitely not exceeding -3dB
  • After you send notification and file links, you will be emailed a payment page to complete your order, and work will begin immediately once payment is received. Based on the size of your project, you will also be emailed a projected completion date, along with daily updates. Typical turn-around time is 3 to 5 days.


A Note Concerning Online Mastering Services!

There are tons of other sites that will claim to master your music for you. If you have or haven’t noticed, I do not offer mastering services myself, as I am not a mastering professional. I know how to master, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not my field of expertise. If you’re in search of a truly professional master… Please, do yourself a favor & research first! Find a reputable & dedicated mastering house. Just my 2 cents, but mastering should be left to mastering professionals, done at mastering studios built for the job with specialized mastering equipment. Just because a producer or beatmaker (such as myself) may own mastering plugin software (Ozone8 is my personal preference), doesn’t mean a thing. Mastering is truly another art in itself within the audio production world, usually learned through years of experience with trained ears. No machine or program preset can beat a pair of trained ears in the mastering realm. They can come very close, but not quite like a human touch. Kinda like audio preset samples when making a beat vs. programming your own samples. Good, but not great! So this is a shout out to all my audio mastering pro’s out there! Much love to you all! Invest in yourself and do it right the 1st time. You never know who all is listening to your songs for the very 1st time… It’s known 1st impressions go a long way. Much love & Rhyme On!!