Why You as an Artist Need Original Beats

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In this quick post, I’d like to cover a few key points on why artists are selling themselves short by rapping on sound-alike beats. Let’s start this off here by covering the most obvious, yet most important point and quickest way to sell yourself short. To sound like everyone else. Now, that sounds like common sense type logic, right? But, you really have to dissect this statement for what it truly is in order to understand this point. Because one too many artists do this without even realizing it. It’s a known fact that the vast majority of songs, no matter what genre, past or present which top the charts or become timeless, have come from samples of other songs. The truth is though, that’s what hip hop was strictly about at one point in time. Sampling something old, to make something new. Admittedly, that is an art in itself. Respect to all DJ’s and producers because you really need a knack for it. You see, even though a beat may have been sampled, it was something new. The backbone of hip hop at one point was the beat, the rhythm. The Boom-Bap! There’s no denying that, but even though a lot of classic hit rap songs used the same beat, it’s the melodies and variations that made the song stand out. The differences amongst the same thing. Creativity, originality and innovativeness in a sense came with the territory. Even though samples were being used, DJ’s and producers had to dig through crates, search record stores high and low, on a quest of sorts to find something brand new, something they’d never heard in their journey for the manipulation of sound to create a song. Finding that rare break beat or instrument that could be sampled was a gold mine. That was the recipe for a hit song becoming a hit song… Being Different. That’s something we as artists, producers and DJ’s can learn from concerning our hip hop rap forefathers. The aspect of creativity and originality and how that formula of being different, original and brand new catapulted careers. The difference between the trend setter and trend followers. One thing when it comes to music, is it’s always that, “way-out” song with a sound no one has ever heard that sets the benchmark for the “in sound.” Let’s face it, if you sound the same, most likely you won’t be interesting. How’s the old saying go? I’ve heard that before.
Nowadays, being different is even more critical due to the fact attention spans concerning music is comparative to that of seconds. The internet has enabled people to access millions of rappers (known & unknown) at the touch of button or click of a mouse. So, what are you doing as an artist to make sure you’re standing out? You gotta be ORIGINAL! I can’t stress that enough. Coming off on that beat that sounds like your favorite artist is never going to cut it. Everyone has become an A&R of sorts to say the least. If you’ve ever studied up on music business of the days of past when A&R’s were the sole gatekeepers to the record label, it was said if it didn’t grab their attention within the first 15 seconds of a demo, to the trash it went. So does the everyday listener or potential fan. Although it wouldn’t be the trash your song is going in, but the mouse or smartphone button clicking away from the song that sounds like something they heard last month.
In todays times it’s so easy to pick up a software program along with a computer, lay a rhythm, a melody, a little touch of this or that and make a beat. We often forget, music is an art. It’s something that can only be packaged to a certain degree, but if no creativity is involved, it’s almost somewhat, lifeless. That there, is the #1 secret to setting your self aside from the rat pack, the masses and the followers. Creativity! That there folks, is my sole reason for doing what I do. Composing beats that sound unique. My signature, just as an artist does, but only with character. My reason being for not pushing my music with the typical, trap beat, dirty south beat, west coast, east coast beat label gimmick. Hip hop is all inclusive. Not regional, but world wide. I love the creative aspect of music. I like it all!
So, if you’re reading this, you didn’t stumble across this blog page by chance, but because you feel the same way and that’s how the forces work. You attract in the universe what you put out in the universe. You’re here because you’re in search of something new, something refreshing. In saying that, you’ve found your home for pure originality. In closing, as an artist, to absolutely set yourself aside from sounding like the next man, AGAIN, you have to be original. If original beats are what you’re in need of, Beats for Budgets has you covered. Everything in life isn’t about the money. So ask yourself, what are you in this music hustle for? The good feelings that come from creating music? The money? The fame? Exactly what?For me… To make an honest living from doing something I absolutely love (creating music), is enough for me.

Till Next Time! RHYME ON!


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