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Welcome To the New

Nov 16, 2014 by admin - 0 Comments

Welcome and Thanks for the visit! I go by P-Status representing Beats for, the place for a quality, an all original different sound at a very affordable price. My mission is to bring a truly unique sound to help you craft a truly unique style. All beats are home-brewed, original and from the heart. This is the home for artists seeking a sound that separates them from the rest. In these days and times within the music game, it’s all about trend setting, not trend following. Please, don’t let the name fool you, because BFB is one of the few online hip hop, rap instrumental licensing websites offering a great sound, superb quality, low prices, and a technical understanding of audio for proper engineering techniques for a masterful final product.

For those of you reading this who have been with BFB since day one, much love, and if you’re just joining me, thank you! So what’s new around here? Besides a total redesign and all new beats, I’m now offering 3 purchase types that come in 2 different audio formats available for instant download after purchase. A basic, standard & premium license. For detailed information on the licensing options offered, please click here. Licensing terms can also be referenced after you click the Buy Beat button before checkout.

Intuitive sorting options for finding the right instrumental are now available. You can sort by genre, category and or tag. Premixing & post mixing services at a very affordable price are now also offered. Just mouse over the “About” section and go to the “Music Services” sub-menu option for further details.

The last thing I want to talk about that’s new at BFB is the Featured Artist Section, which can be found in the “About” section. Feel free to check out some of my folks I’m already featuring who’ve rocked a few of my instrumentals. Featured Artists Just send me any one of BFB’s tracks or track you’ve purchased, or received as free, and if it’s rockin’, I’ll post you right there on the Featured Artist Section on the about page. You can link back to it and use it as a way to quickly demo your music on other sites also.

So, in closing, Welcome home for all original, home-brewed heartfelt hip hop instrumentals available for instant download! There’s a lot more to come in the coming months. Stay tuned, especially with offers, deals and discounts and most importantly, bangin’ beats like you’ve never heard. Rhyme On!!! Thanks for reading.